Atacama delivers a revolutionary, patent-pending, high-performance moisture control system.

ATACAMA has created a new way of moisture management, what we call “nature’s way.” ATACAMA’s patent-pending technology works by mimicking real skin. By using advanced microfluidics, our technology manipulates sweat into “channels” in the fabric that are formed by driving the surface tension of the liquid. 


engineered to perform

ATACAMA's technology is the result of years of research in advanced microfluidics, developed under the leading minds in the field.


three times lighter

Independent studies in a controlled environment show a fabric's weight gain with ATACAMA's technology is 3X less than the leading moisture-wicking fabric after high-intensity activity.

twelve times drIer

With ATACAMA's technology, the inside of a fabric is 12X drier than the fabric with current  "dry" technology following a high-perspiration workout.